High Carbon Natural Flake Graphite

Product specification sheets for standard flake, medium, fine-medium and powder products:
Bridge Ferro Metals Graphite Operation currently produces the following products:

Graphite – Flake
Graphite – Medium
Graphite – Fine Medium
Graphite – Powder
Graphite – Special Grade

ApplicationLi-ion Battery
Carbon ContentHigh Carbon
TypeArtificial / Natural
ShapeSpherical Graphite Powder
Product nameMesocarbon Microbeads MCMB Graphite Powder For Battery
Place of OriginSouth Africa
Model NumberBFM
MOQ27 Tons
ItemUnitInternal control indexTypical valueTesting Instrument
Particle Sizeum16.00~19.0017.61Malvern Instruments Ltd
Model: Mastersizer2000
Real Densityg/cm3≥2.202.24Pycnometer Method
Tap Densityg/cm3≥1.101.15Steel Research Institute No. FZS4-4B
Surface Aream2/g≤2.501.80Beijing Jingwei Gaobo Science And Technology Co., Ltd. Model: JW004A
Ash Content%≤0.100.05Shenyang Energy Saving Electric Furnace Factory Model: SRJX-4-13
Discharge CapacitymAh/ g≥360.0363.6Arbin Battery Test System / Blue Battery Test System

Packaging Details

Water-proof plastic woven bag, 1000kg per bag or as your requirements

Delivery Time

Within 21 days after signing of contract


Chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirements