DK N330

Property SpecificationApplication analysis
Iodine Adsorption Number g/kg 82±6Tire Tread
Oil Absorption Number (OAN) 10-5m3/kg102±6Carcass
Crushed OAN (COAN) 10-5m3/kg82-94Inner Tube
CTAB Surface Area 103m2/kg73 - 85Tire Sidewall
STSA 103m2/kg69-81Conveyor Belt
NSA Multipoint 103m2/kg72-84Hose
Tinting Strength % 96-112Rubber Roller
Heating Loss at 125℃ % ≤ 2.0 Rubber Footwear
Ash Content % ≤0.7Cable
45μm Sieve Residue mg/kg ≤ 500Rubber products
500μm Sieve Residue mg/kg ≤ 5Ink
ImpurityNone Coating
Fines and Attrition % ≤ 10Plastics
Pour density kg/m3 380 ± 40Printing and dyeing
Stress at 300% Modulus MPa -0.5 ± 1.5