Carbon Black

Name ,ParameterCarbon black N220Carbon black N330Carbon black N550Carbon black N660
Loding Absorption Number(g/Kg)114-12877-8739-4732-40
Absorption Value of DBP (10-5m3/Kg)109-11997-107116-12685-95
Absorption Value of compressing sample DBP (10-5m3/Kg)95-10583-9383-9371-79
Adsorptive Specific Surface Area of CATB ( 103m2/Kg)106-11677-8738-4632-40
Adsorptive Specific Surface Area of Nitrogen (103m2/Kg)114-12478-8838-4630-40
Tinting Strength %110-12098-108--------
Heating Loss2.5%max2.5%max1.5%max1.5%max
Ash Content0.5%max0.5%max0.5%max0.5%max
Tensile Strength-0.5mpa min-0.5mpa min-0.5mpa min-0.5mpa min
300% Extending Stres-1.5±1.0 mpa-1.0±1.0 mpa-1.0±1.0 mpa-2.5±1.0 mpa
45μm Sieve Residue0.10% max0.10% max0.10% max0.10% max

Packaging Details

Water-proof plastic woven bag, 1000kg per bag or as your requirements

Delivery Time

Within 21 days after signing of contract


Chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirements